Usability is how easy and efficient it is to use a website. Interface design is the visual layout and performance. Although, the designing aspect isn’t just making things look nice, it’s more like pleasing and being interactive with the audience. Design plays a huge role on the user’s experience; the purpose is to limit any confusion. Interface design should be easy for users to navigate and interact with any website. The user shouldn’t have to think too hard what they’re looking at, this is where user experience comes into play.

I think there’s several important aspects to usability. The first one should be if it’s functionable, because if your website isn’t working, then it’s basically useless. Second, if the website is accessible to all platforms; nowadays, designers must think about web pages in different formats on different devices. Third, navigation should be easy to understand. Lastly, I think the website should always be tested before going live, so there’s no issues on user experience.

Web mobile has changed so much over the past few years and it’s still changing. Designing for mobiles is slightly different from a desktop. When creating for mobiles, it is important to think about the layout, buttons, colors, contexts, and images since they always appear different on a desktop. The same rules should be applied for designing and usability for the user. Nowadays, when creating a website, you should always have it on mobile. A lot of people have phones and they are always on it. Web mobile should always be fast and easy on the go.