Eyeguard is a safety app designed to help women who feel unsafe when they walk home at night, take a uber, or any uncomfortable situation. This app has a panic button; once it activates, it will signal the police station and the people who work for the company. It has a tracking GPS to help find the person’s location to send help. The user can make a profile to help identify who they are, where they went, and add emergency contact information. Eyeguard is an app that is easy to use and straightforward. This app can help save someone’s life.


The objective is to design multi-level interfaces to help guide users through an experience. Cravez is a food court with various food choices/restaurants for everyone, including gluten-free and vegan options. Their user interface aims to help reduce time in deciding what customers want to eat. They can view other options such as special deals and a map of the food court.