All Things Beauty

Cherry Bomb


Designing is a passion of mine, and so is makeup or anything beauty related. These illustrations combine both of what I love.


Time’s Up

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland; the viewer comes across the white rabbit and notices their time is up.

In a Field of Flowers

Inspired by Art Nouveau; the woman represents the beauty of earth/feminism. She admires the beauty of the flowers as she walks through the field.

Heart Piece Puzzle

Inspired by a song lyric from Pierce The Veil, and the verse is “what’s so good about picking up the pieces.”



A tattoo design inspired by where my client works; she works with kids who suffer from mental health issues. Her patients inspired her, and she wanted a tattoo that represents them and the recovery of mental health.


A representation of the subjects fierce confidence and courageousness.

Kat The Lost Princess

A girl named Kat stumbles upon a book lying on the floor. She picks the book up and takes a look. Suddenly, the book gleams, shakes, and a spiral of wind pulls in Kat into a whole new world that she has never seen before. She stumbles across a bunny name Sophie that recognizes Kat. Kat soon finds out that she is the lost princess; she goes on an adventure with Sophie to stop the evil queen.

Star Portraits

Portrait illustrations with stars and no facial expressions. Stars were added for their beauty to look at against outer space that is so mysterious. They bring out a sense of beauty; the stars capture that with each of the individuals. Also, making them more mysterious with no facial expressions.