POSH Beauty Essentials

POSH Beauty Essentials creates vegan lip products that inspire a sustainable future for all. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. Each product is handmade using natural ingredients, without harsh chemicals, additives, or harsh ingredients. The packaging is made from recyclable materials and they are reusable. PBE started in 2014 by founder and CEO Michelle Oliva, with the goal of organizing events and give back to the community. The brand is dedicated to giving back to nonprofits that help support underprivileged communities. PBE takes a portion of the company’s profits to donate to a charitable cause. With each purchase, customers are helping those in need.

As the social media content creator for the design team; I created graphic design and illustrations for their social media, website, and PR/marketing. Each content is created to fit within the brand voice and style.


La Flor Blanca is a Mexican winery and vineyard from Richmond, VA. La Flor Blanca is Spanish for “the white flower,” representing Virginia’s native flower, the flowering dogwood. The objective was to create a wine label for the brand’s sauvignon blanc. The wine label captures small elements from the brand’s culture while also representing their hometown in Virginia.  


Social Media Usage

Social media has had some negative effects, especially with the amount of time looking at our phone screens. This infographic was designed to show how much time is being spent on Instagram and convince users to put down their phones.


The objective is to create an infographic for a magazine spread demonstrating the recovery of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay.

Blurry Halos / Bad Intentions

Blurry Halos is a rock/pop punk band from Richmond, VA. Formed in 2016 with four members, their influences are Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep, Sub Urban, and Twin XL. Their music has fast-tempo rhythms with catchy melodies, addressing different issues of life, love, and failure. The band writes, performs, and produces their own music. Their Bad Intentions album releases on May 15th, 2020 with a concert tourplaying in Virginia, Florida, California, Maryland, New York, Georgia,Washington, and Pennsylvania from June 12th – July 31st.

Collateral pieces include the album and CD covers, logo, tour poster, a digital banner, and a tour T-shirt. The logo is a visualization of their name; a blurry effect was created throughout the logo with a halo on top. A sans serif font was chosen to give the band a modern look, make reading easier, and for continuity throughout all of the products. The album and t-shirt design are done in a minimal, simplistic, and clean style in black and white, with bold black lines, and a splash of purple color. The album and CD covers are similar, but with different design components because of size and layout. All the products have similar style and visual elements to make them cohesive. The purpose is to create a branding style system for Blurry Halos yet be unique for this album and tour.


The objective is to create an identity and package design from a selected word and item. The chosen word is ‘outrageous,’ and the selected item is ‘playing cards.’ The word outrageous means shocking, striking, daring, flashy, or bold, which inspired the design. For the imagery, an eye-catching and simplistic illustration is created throughout the packaging. One element used throughout the design is an eye. Eyes can symbolize several meanings, such as omniscience, truth, vigilance, evil, or judgment. The dagger that stabs the eye brings out the shocking element. Bold colors are used to capture the outrageous feeling, the audience’s attention, and to stand out from competition. 


Luxurious lip balms for luscious lips! Vivacious is a vegan and cruelty-free brand, using natural ingredients to moisturize and hydrate dry lips. The objective was to create a unique package design for a lip/beauty brand. The word “vivacious” means lively and attractive. The name of the brand inspired the logo and the package design. Their logotype is a serif font chosen to give the brand an elegant look. A gerbera flower is added as an element; the gerbera flower represents beauty and full of life. Each lip balm label and box is designed to fit the brand’s style.

Hot Pockets Package Redesign: Case Study

Hot Pockets are microwave stuffed sandwiches, iconic for their pepperoni pizza. They have a variety of flavors that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hot Pockets were introduced and founded by Chef America Inc in 1983. Nestle acquired the brand on April 20, 2002. Hot Pockets are perfect for on the go; they are ready in two minutes. The packaging for Hot Pockets is a cardboard box; inside, they have the frozen food covered in a plastic wrap. Each hot pocket includes a white sleeve, which creates an experience for the consumer.


  • Creating a package redesign that fits within the corporate’s identity.
  • Identifying unique characteristics that will attract customers and stand out from competition.


Simplify the packaging by giving it a modern, minimal, and fresh look. The original packaging is crowded and cluttered. All the boxes look alike, and it’s hard to distinguish the variety of hot pockets. One unique aspect that the brand does is incorporating a white sleeve to each hot pocket, creating an experience for consumers. The sleeve makes the brand stand out from competition, which inspired the redesign for their packaging; doing this creates a cohesive branding.