Social Media Trends

How has social media become a powerful tool? The 21st century has shaped and changed how we view and use social media. Social platforms have shaped the way companies brand themselves and market. These platforms can help to engage, build an audience, inspire people, and display work. Social media has become a tool that anybody can use. As time goes by, each platform has been competing with one or another, especially on what they have to offer. Each of these platforms has either introduced stories, filters, and going on live. I believe that social media will start to introduce personal customization.

iPhone users can change the way the want their phones set up such as having it on dark mode. By doing this, it allows almost every app to be on dark mode which can create a dark screen with white text. This can change the way you want your aesthetic to be like on Instagram. Some apps like Twitter gives users an option to have their screen on dark mode. Although, dark mode can be presented differently on phones. iPhone or not, I believe that social platforms like Twitter should give users an option like this.

The like button has been a discussion for years on whether we should have it or not. Some people suggest we should make it an option. I believe we should keep it an option instead of getting rid of likes completely. I understand that some users feel the pressure of having likes, but not everyone feels this way. This can hurt some businesses and people that have social media as a job. Social platforms could think of a better way than wiping out something completely. Either way, it’s hard to get some people to not let social media get into their heads.

Lastly, I believe that video story content will be even bigger in 2020. Stories were first seen on Snapchat, until Instagram started to introduce them on their platforms. At first, people weren’t too fond of the idea, but people started to realize that they liked it. Especially, when Instagram will have several updates making story content fun and new. This has slowly killed Snapchat, now more Instagram users are using stories. Other platforms like Facebook has introduced stories and other similar content. Many social platforms are competing and thinking of better ways to making video content fun.

Social media has evolved so much and it’s still changing. Many companies and brands have become a part of this. It’s a great tool for people to connect, share, acknowledge, and learn. I believe social media will give users an opportunity to customize their pages. Platforms will give users a way to make video content fun and easy to use. Not just that, but I believe in a few years will be having experiences that we never had before. Virtual meetings, maps, and so on will become a powerful tool that many users will want to participate. This will change how brands and companies work.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

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