Brand Ideals

What makes a good brand stand out? A good brand stands out by being unique, trustworthy, honest, and engaging. I believe that design in 2020 will be expanding and shifting through current trends. Recently, designs have been clean, fresh, simple, and minimal. I believe that we’ll still be creating designs like that, but they will be slightly different. They will either incorporate nostalgic elements or we as designers will be following a new trend. Once a new trend starts, people all around will follow, and brands will be heavily influenced. The world is constantly changing, which brands need to keep up to stay relevant.

Social media is one of the biggest platforms that can influence people to start and follow new trends. This helps companies and designers know what people like and how to market. For example: Fashion Nova is one of the most popular and successful brands on Instagram. They’re known for following popular fashion trends that celebrities set, such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. A lot of people like the fact that their clothes are easy to access and that they are “affordable.” Although, brands like this are known for having bad material, ripping people off, being shallow, and having poor engagement.

A trend that people followed in the 2010’s were the black square glasses. People who weren’t even blind were following this popular trend. It mostly started when people grabbed 3D-glasses from the movies theaters and started popping out the lens. Glasses companies started marketing them for people who were blind and wanted to follow. Ray-Bans is one of those companies that are known for following current glasses trends. However, they are an expensive brand, but people are willing to buy a good pair of glasses and a brand that follows. They knew how to strategies, navigate, and engage with their audience.  

A culture trend that got women to follow is having big eyebrows. Skinny brows were in for a while during the 90’s and early 2000’s. That changed during the 2010’s, this got makeup companies to start producing and marketing brow products. One of the best well known makeup brands that have the best brow products is Anastasia Beverly Hills. Not only do they have good quality, but they have expanded their brow products that last few years. This brand is successful in what they do, and people can tell through how they market, sell, and design. Many other brands look at companies like this to market their own products.

Good branding isn’t just knowing how to design, but how to market through experience, culture, values, and assets. The world around us helps brands to come up with new ideas and to follow current trends. This helps companies to expand themselves and think outside the box. I believe it is important to look and see what’s happening around us. Even if it’s just branding yourself or applying similar elements into your work. Design has always been influenced through culture and trends. It’s important for us to not trap ourselves or stay in our comfort zones. I believe my evidence did answer my question. It’s all about knowing how to strategies and engaging with the audience. Some brands do it well, while ours are just in it for the money.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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